What is Halloween 2018, Halloween History, Celebration Ideas & Reasons 2018

What is Halloween 2018, Halloween History, Celebration Ideas & Reasons 2018:-Welcome to all! Halloween event is coming very soon and every person will be busy doing shopping to look attractive and gorgeous in this evening. Every single folk knows about that particular date when it is celebrated but they do not have much knowledge about this event like why it is celebrated or what should be worn at this evening and what’s the traditions of this Halloween party etc.

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So, guys, you need not worry because we are here to tell you about that evening. We will tell you each and everything about that event like reasons for celebrating this and its traditions or customs.

 Halloween can also be called as an “All Halloween, All Hallows’Eve or All Saints’ eve’. Basically, it is celebrated in western countries on the evening of 31st October. People dedicate this party to the deceased including saints, martyrs and all the faithful late. Halloween is celebrated every year on 31st October.

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What is Halloween 2018, Halloween History, Celebration Ideas & Reasons 2018

In this party, people light the bonfires and wear the dress like ghosts and any other funny character. This event is started by Pope Gregory III on 1 November as a time to honor all saints. At the time of starting, it was known as all hallowed eve but after that, it is known as Halloween. Now mostly countries celebrated their New Year party on November 1.

On this day, it is assumed that summer has gone and winter or dark nights or time which is associated with human death has come. On 31st October before the new year (November 1), it is assumed that ghosts of the dead return to earth. Now, guys, everyone will be clearer about the reasons for celebrating this evening like a festival.

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   Now when we talk about its traditions related to costumes then it is seen that many people dress up like ghosts or saints because this evening is dedicated to dead person or saints that’s why everyone wants to look like them. Earlier, people paint their faces with black color because it is assumed that evil spirits roam on the earth.

But after that in the 11th century, the church has accepted it as a tradition known as “souling”. On this day, children go door to door and ask for soul cakes and pray for the souls of friends and relatives. Here, they are supposed to look like angels, demons or saints that’s why on this day, most people wear dresses like saints or angels. In the 19th century, some modifications came into existing traditions like now children are supposed to sing songs, poetry, and jokes instead of prayer. They did it because of some fruits and money.

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What is Halloween 2018?

   After world war II, Halloween event began to celebrate in most countries where safe and clean place provided to children so that they can roam freely. In the era of Victorian, most people want to wear adventurous outfits because, at that time, they were highly influenced by gothic themes in literature and want to look exotic. After that pop culture influenced them and then they want to look sexy.

   Now everyone will be cleared about the culture and reason behind the celebration of Halloween party.  

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