Halloween Trick and Treating, When Trick-or-Treating Became a Tradition

Halloween Trick and Treating, When Trick-or-Treating Became a Tradition:- Welcome to all! everyone will be a little bit confused by thinking that why we are used to saying “trick and treat”  but we are here to explain each and everything related to Halloween Trick and Treating.

   It’s a Halloween customs and traditions which are followed by children and adults in most countries. In this custom, children go door to door and ask candies or treats by using this phrase “trick or treat”.

In some nations, trick means candy and in other countries, it means money while trick refers to the threat. Generally, this phrase is used on 31st October evening.

   Since the 1920s, this tradition is followed by North America on Halloween evening and it is the first nation that started this tradition. In this evening, children look like ghosts, goblin, witches, astronauts and any cartoon character and go to one door to another just asking for candy or any other goodies in the response of their call of Halloween trick and treating.

Basically, through this phrase, children say that if they will get candy or food from that home then they will not bother to that house owner. This phrase is generated in the ancient practices of “souling” and “guising.”

Halloween Trick and Treating, When Trick-or-Treating Became a Tradition

   Firstly this tradition is started in the western United States and Canada but after that eastern countries also celebrated. This custom came into existence after world war II because at that time sugar was rationed.

After the 1950s, this phrase became too famous and became also a central focus of Halloween evening. From a survey,  it came to know that children get candy from more than 75% of adults by using a trick or treating phrase. And it also came to know that approx 64 percent of Americans will participate in this Halloween party 2018.

This sentence, generally, is used by specific age children that are 12 to 15 age child because that child whose age is less than 12, will not have proper knowledge about this event or evening. Apart from this, there is a specific time in which children can go trick and treat. In Charlotte, parents of very young children start before 6.29 p.m. because it is assumed that at this time from 6 to 8 p.m., where people are busier.

   To treat and trick on Halloween evening, it is advisable for all children that never go alone and convince their friends to go with you. If children want to get more and more candies then they should say treat and trick phrase with a smile so that house owner became happy and handed out more candies.

After taking candies, always say thank you and wish them “Happy Halloween” so that they will not think that you are greedy. By adopting this strategy, chances of getting more candies will increase for the next year. If you like our this post then must reference others to visit us at halloweenideas2018.com

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