Cool Halloween Costumes, Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas 2018

Cool Halloween Costumes, Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas 2018:- Hello guys! Now festival season is coming that means Halloween event is nearby. I hope you all would like to look attractive and sexy in this evening but you don’t have any idea what should be wore in this event. So guys we are here to suggest you that what kind of outfits should be wore by you to look cool and sexy.

There are various kinds of Cool Halloween Costumes which can be carried out by you easily and without spending too much money on it. So hereunder, some Cool Halloween Costumes Ideas are given which will be helpful to you in deciding your costume for that event. These costumes can be made at home easily. For more ideas of Halloween Costumes you must follow our this blog at

Cool Halloween Costumes, Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas 2018 

Aquarium costume

For designing this costume, you need a large cardboard box, duct tape, fishing line etc. In this, a hole will be done for your head on the top of box as well as four large squares will be cut out in all four sides. After that box will be painted and wrapped with construction paper. In this, back of box is covered by large piece of cellophane and from inside, it is taped. Apart from this, if you want to add some coolness then you should wear a snorkel mask, goggles or flippers because by wearing this, you will look cool in pictures.

Spaghetti and meatballs costume:

For designing this outfit, you need a large cardboard box, small tablecloth, craft glue, large plastic plate and brown pom-pom. Firstly, box should be cut in circular piece and then a hole will be done in the center of box. After that tablecloth will be glued on the cardboard. For looking cool or attractive, some utensil, salt and pepper shakers and a vase of flowers should also be pasted. You can also review more DIY Halloween Costume Ideas from here on our site.

Jelly beans

For this, a plastic bag is needed in which holes are done for hands and legs. If you have lawn bag or dry cleaner bag then it will be great because it will help in adding more coolness. In this, bag is put on over the clothes and after that balloons with different colors are filled.


In spider look, legs are very important part. So for creating legs, three pairs of inexpensive black tights are needed. Generally, it is available at any craft stores. After creating legs, it is filled by Styrofoam balls or can also be rolled up pairs of socks. Then after a black yarn is tied between first and second balls that have to put into each spider leg. After doing this, this yarn will also be tied around your wrists so that you can raise and lower the legs. Last and the most important factor is that you have to wear black pants and shirts.

Middle of the road

In this, an individual has to wear black pants and black shirt and then two parallel line of yellow tape will be carried in the center of your body from the starting of neck to your feet.

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